The work is a visual narrative sequence, derived from the simplification of a fragment of the Madrid metro map. The result, obtained from the subway lines and the points of the stops, is a series of abstract compositions acting as fragments of a narrative and as an individual work.

It tells us about the structure of the city, and how it affects the way we move and, in the same way, the way we move affects this structure.

It also talks about how the structures and our way of understanding movement is different from day to night.

The subway lines disappear, representing the arrival of night.

Lights appear, represented by the subway stops, and their superposition fades finally to white, representing the sunrise.

The work is an abstract representation of our movement from the point of view of transport and the light of a city that never sleeps.

Author: Rosa González Illanes

Title: Journey towards abstraction. 2018.

Technique: Digital printing on cardboard. 13 × 13 cm.

TFM: Tour the city. Abstraction, Technology and Movement.

Master: Research in art and creation. UCM.

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