Work created from screenshots of the streets of Madrid from Google Maps. The resulting images contain interference and details of the movement trace on the screen, presenting a vision of the street conditioned by technology. Capturing the movement in the big city, finding images of great beauty, from which it is possible to reframe to achieve these pictorial works.

It seeks to represent the beauty of the city on the move through a technological vision.

This series is set in Madrid, but the ongoing project includes other major cities in the world.

This work is complemented by an audiovisual where these transformations captured in movement are reflected.

After this confinement, this work takes on a new meaning, a new way of moving around the city.

Author: Rosa González Illanes

Virtual tour. 2019.

Digital printing. Photo montage on cardboard. 43.5 × 58 cm. 46 × 58 cm. 44.5 × 58 cm. 47.5 × 48 cm. 57.3 × 41.3cm.

TFM: Tour the city. Abstraction, Technology and Movement.

Master: Research in Art and Creation at the Complutense University of Madrid.

Master: Investigación en Arte y Creación en al Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

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