The memory of a city.

A noisy, busy, polluted city, welcoming and individualistic at the same time.

A city where few people walk for the simple pleasure of walking, where everyone runs without looking around.

We miss the birds, the people around us, we miss the sensations, not allowing ourselves to look and feel, and therefore we lose ourselves.

Now cities don’t look like this anymore.

We walk for pleasure and stop to breathe and feel lucky to be able to go out, to be alive.

There are no longer people on the street.

Pollution has gone down, plants have grown and so our hair. Everything is more natural and I like that.

Back to normality, it’s the most commented phrase.

Reality is shaped by our actions and everything has changed.

My dear city and those inspiring walks. I hope to see you with new eyes.

Title: «Memories of a city».

Technique: Digital illustration.

Personal project.

Illustration based on photography by Alex Prager

Year: 2020

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