I represent movement by treating the photographical image through technological resources. That work invites to reflect about how images produced by technical means determine our way of understanding speed and change, how technology shapes our worldview.

In this way, the work tells us about the passage of time, and how it completely erases what existed in an instant.

Shapes fade and disappear, in a process of abstraction of the image, reduced to horizontal lines whose abstract plastic beauty is not related to its origin.

The sensation it generates is poetic and disturbing at the same time, due to the meaning of the images associating movement and the passage of time with the disappearance of the original image, which is reduced to horizontal lines.

Rosa González Illanes.

Motion blur. 2019.

Digital printing. Photo montage on cardboard.

18.2 × 29.6 cm.

TFM: Around the city. Abstraction, Technology and Movement.

Master: Research in art and creation. Complutense University of Madrid.

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